Golden Safflower Cake – Large

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This 100% seed block is excellent for squirrel prone areas, as squirrels generally don’t like safflower. These blocks are preferred by cardinals, grosbeaks and more, while grackles, sparrows, and starlings generally don’t like safflower.

Golden safflower seed has a thinner hull than traditional safflower so will attract a great variety of birds.

Put these on a platform feeder for cylinders. In fact, we sometimes put a paper plate or plant drainage saucer with a hole punched in the middle as the base to catch all the extra seed. It can’t be kicked all over the place like loose seed can. Large size lasts a long time and attracts loads of birds.

No waste, no mess, never melt.

Attracts birds much more quickly than suet and without the problem of melting in the summer heat. Great for year-round bird feeding.


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